Installation Information

Whether it is a DIY installation, or taking advantage of our professional police licensed safe installation service, find out what you need to know.

Correct installation of a safe is vital to achieving the level of protection the manufacturer sets out to provide when producing their products. All safes sold through Safe Central are designed with a provision for securely fixing or installing into a domestic or commercial structure. Safes that are properly installed eliminate the ability to easily remove the safe from the premises and reduce the capabilities of any attempted forced entry attack.

In Australia, state and territory laws require that a safe installation must only be carried out by a current Class 1 Security Installer’s license holder, ensuring that anyone offering this service has been suitably screened and approved by the Police’s security licensing department. Each state has their own version of the specific requirements for safe installation and servicing.

Safe Central uses only police licensed installers in every state to ensure maximum professionalism, confidence and peace of mind.

For more specific information on what types of structures and what type of fixings are recommended for safe installations, browse our frequently asked questions or contact us by email or phone.